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The Armstrong Tunnel, then and now

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Looking north towards the newly completed Armstrong Tunnel on Tuesday, September 27, 1927. The tunnel was named after Joseph G. Armstrong, who served as Mayor, County Commissioner and director of Public Works. He was involved in many of the great infrastructure projects in Pittsburgh from 1910 until 1940. Stanley L. Roush designed the facades of the portals and was also responsible for the design of the Westinghouse, Point, Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Bridges along with the County Building. There have been many rumors as to way the tunnel curves. Unfortunately, there are all just rumors. In reality the tunnel curved for alignment issues and possible avoidance of foundations of structure above. (Still trying to confirm the last) The photograph looking down at Second Avenue was taken in 1905 before the tunnel or parkway were built. The bridge on the left is the precursor to the present day 10th Street Bridge, which was completed in 1933 and remains the only TRUE suspension bridge in the city. In 1958 the Penn Lincoln Parkway opened and an off ramp almost completely covered the facade of the south portal. Luckily the north portal is still relatively original shape and is in full view to all who pass through and by. We can learn from this. We can learn from past generations. We can save Pittsburghistory. When you see something, say something. / / / Sources: Detre Library and Archive 1923 and 1929 G. M. Hopkins Map Google Maps and Street View / / / / #pittsburgh #pittsburghpa #historicpittsburgh #pittsburghhistory #pittsburghistory #pghthenandnow #thenandnow #beforeandafter #blackandwhite #trolley #streetcar #oldtunnel #pgh #412 #412pics #412project #bestinpgh #explorepittsburgh #discoverpgh #onlyinpittsburgh #pittsburghinpictures #duquesneuniversity #10thstreetbridge #pointparkuniversity #infrastructure #urbanplanning #steelcitygrammers #cpreaderart #igerspgh #visitpittsburgh

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